This is the storyboard of a game I am working on. The title of the game is “Broken Pieces”.


In total there are 16 frames. Each frame depicts a different action on that scene. The story is about a man who is very happy with his life, in general. His wife is pregnant. But one night something terrible happens. The man kills his wife. But normally, we don’t see this while playing the game because it is the mystery of the game. In the first frame, we see the house from outside at night time. At the second frame, we see them watching television. Then, we hear shooting from the stairs, and see the movement of going upstairs. At the fourth frame, they are sleeping but when the clock shows 3:35am, he wakes up and kills his wife. On the actual gameplay, we do not see who killed the woman, but there will be a blackout scene and there will be glass breaking sound followed by yelling sounds.When he wakes up, he sees his wife’s dead body. He calls the cops.When cops arrive, they start searching for evidence,they don’t know  whether he is guilty or not. But he is a suspect. So, they take him to the interrogation room to ask questions. He enters the room, then, the detective comes to the room, he sits across from him and they look at each other. The game begins.The genre of this game is a thriller.There will be flashbacks to remind the night of the murder.The detective will keep asking questions to continue the story and at the end of the game they will  understand that this man has another personality and his other personality murdered his wife.


It will end sadly because he will go to jail.